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Changing the narrative around capitalism 

and its relationship with the natural world.

1:51 minutes

The Acadia Initiative is a curated —  initially invitation-only —​ journey grounded in lessons from the natural world to

  • Redefine leadership

  • Convene original thinkers & doers from around the world

  • Engage in honest conversation


Create and execute emergent capitalism —

  • Bottom-up

  • All belong & benefit

  • Regenerative for a habitable world

  • Initial focus: water

  • Shared values

  • Embedded trust

  • Digital scalability



The purpose of The Acadia Initiative is to help change the narrative around capitalism from the bottom-up. A model of emergent capitalism.


We will do this by focusing on market-based systems solutions of these global resource demands and urgencies:


  • Water

  • Clean energy

  • Forest-based economy

  • Climate change




Problem-solving wealth creation through mindful systems thinking and integration of:

  • Thoughtful leadership

  • Holistic dialogue

  • Generative human and natural resources

  • Meaningful technology solutions

  • Proactive capital

  • Bottom-up systems

  • Distributed, generative and disruptive capitalism



The vision and values of George B. Dorr; Charles and Charles W. Eliot; and John D. Rockefeller, Jr., who made Acadia National Park possible, for thoughtful leadership and proactive capital in the 21st Century. Acadia National Park was the home to the People of the Dawnland first (the Wabanaki: the collective of Maliseet, Micmac, Passamaquoddy and Penobscot peoples).



To inform and inspire conscious and transformative thinking, actions and results at the intersection of capital, business, technology and nature.

Thoughtful leadership connects and informs

proactive capital and meaningful technologies. 

A systems approach, seeing the interconnectedness of the whole and its parts.

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